Us and The Community

The school plays its part within the community in several ways and throughout the year we are involved in raising money for a variety of charities.

A number of staff and families have been affected by cancer and as a consequence, MacMillan Cancer Support has become a prime beneficiary of our fund raising. The children have also been very moved by the plight of others of their own age, whose lives have been blighted by cruelty and neglect, and they have raised considerable sums for the NSPCC. Our support of children is also very evident in our annual Bike Ride along the Thames towpath to raise money for the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice.

Each year, our Head Boy and Head Girl select a charity to support through various events and activities. The following charities have been nominated over the past few years:

2013/14 Momentum, who support families and children being treated for cancer in the local Boroughs.

2014/15, Horse Rangers Association who support Riding for the Disabled .

2015/16 Keen London who operates free weekly sports and recreation sessions for children (aged five and up) and young adults with learning, behavioural and physical disabilities.

In the past, the school has also been involved in raising funds to buy and train a guide dog for the Guide Dog for the Blind Society and has supported the entire secondary education of an orphan in Kenya who attended the famous Round Square School based in the Starahe Boys’ Centre in Nairobi. 

This desire to help others is instilled in children from an early age and will certainly make them better citizens as they grow and mature.  Pupils also participate in the Borough Junior Citizenship programme, which plays an important part in helping them develop as caring citizens for the future.

We allow local organisations to use our facilities. The Kingston and District Chamber Music Society use our music school on a regular basis for music workshops at the weekends.  We also play our part in helping children in the Borough learn to ride their bicycles more safely by opening the school as a bicycle proficiency training centre during part of the summer holidays.  In all these activities we like to think that the school and the pupils, teachers and parents who form its community come together for the help and benefit of others, often less fortunate than ourselves.