Development News

Summer 2016 Doors Open

The project reached completion in the early hours of the first day of the autumn term 2016 with staff working right up to the last moment to make sure that everything was in place for the Pre-Prep children which included almost seventy new pupils. This is a historic day in the histrory of the school with both parts of the school being based on the same site for the first time in more than forty years.

The new school provides a spacious and stunning educational environment and the children were very excited to see their new surroundings and classrooms. The design is very dynamic and children will thoroughly enjoy being part of such an exciting and innovative new school. Everyone has worked tirelessly to achieve the completion of the building in the given time and we have been granted full handover at this stage which means that all compliance and building controls guidelines have been met.

Many thanks to Mrs Chong for her commitment to the project over the last two years. She has given a huge amount of time and effort, working closely with the project team to ensure that the school's ideas and requirements have been met, in addition to her day to day role as Head of Pre-Prep. She has been on call throughout the summer and and we are very appreciative of her enthusiasm, energy and dedication to the school, parents and the children in ensuring that the new build was completed on time.

Thanks also go to the many other staff at the school have also worked incredibly hard over the remaining weeks of the holidays to ensure everything was as ready as possible for the first day of term. We have been very fortunate to have a professional, diligent and conscientious construction team delivering the project and whilst there will be some final finishing over the next few weeks, this will not impact on the children.

Winter 2016

The latest time-lapse video demonstrates the completion of Phase 2 of the timber frame and the progress of the external brick cladding.


11th November 2015

A group of Reception pupils donned tailormade hard hats and hi-visibility vests as they embarked on a tour of the new Pre-Prep development. The site engineers walked the excited children around the structure of the new school pointing out their new classrooms which should be completed for them to move into next September.They enjoyed scaling the stairs and the views from the fist floor windows over the Prep School playground and now that all the timber structure is in place they could appreciate the full size of their new school.

November 2015

There has been great progress over the half term break with the final delivery of the timber from Austria. The CLT panels were lifted into place and the structure of the entire building is now complete. It is now possible to fully appreciate the extent of the footprint of the new school and the frontage now unites the new Pre-Prep with the existing Prep School building facing along Waldegrave Park. Staff and Governors have recently toured the site and were very excited by the design and interior space within the new classrooms.

October 2015

The internal skin of the new structure has now been installed and ground works have continued to complete the drainage. The construction of Phase 2 of the new building will commence later this month once the foundations are finished and the slab is ready for the remaining cross laminated timber (CLT) frame to be erected.

August 2015

This month we took delivery of the timber frame which had been pre-fabricated in Austria. The panels were lifted carefully by crane and secured into position. This type of construction benefits from being both quick and quiet resulting in minimum disruption to our neighbours. You can follow the progress over the summer on the exciting time laspe video below.


July 2015

Following completion of the obligatory bat surveys in June which concluded that there were no nesting bats on site, we were able to proceed with the demolition of the old residential building. The site was cleared and foundations and supporting structures prepared in readiness for delivery of the cross laminated timber (CLT) frame.

March 2015

Behind the scenes, we have made good progress with the project schedule. The plans have now been fine-tuned and key decisions on fixtures and fittings have been finalised. We have made provision for an extension in the size of the library so that we can create a contemporary and practical environment that can be utilised by the whole school. Our new library will form a hub where both Prep and Pre-Prep children will cross over and become central to both parts of the school.

We have agreed traffic calming measures with the Borough, including the siting of two pinch-points along Waldegrave Park and additional school signage at the either end of the road. This will help reduce traffic speed along the road and ultimately create a safer school journey for the children. Work will start on this imminently so parents should take care to park correctly.

Enquiries regarding the development should be addressed to The full plans are also available to view at any of our Welcome Events.