Early Education Funding

All 3 and 4-year-old children are entitled to receive a Universal Early Education Entitlement following the term after their third birthday. The entitlement is for up to fifteen hours per week, for between 33 and 38 weeks per year. Newland House School and Nursery School are approved providers and can provide funded nursery education places for 33 weeks per year.

At the beginning of each term we advise the Borough of children who qualify for Early Education Funding. The Borough then pay the grant directly to the school on your child's behalf, usually at half-term. You will be asked to complete a Parent Declaration Form once your child joins the nursery. As of September 2012, Early Education Funding is worth £3.60 per hour. The grant will be offset against our nursery fees and parents will be invoiced for the balance.

From September 2017, the Government is developing plans to provide an additional 15 hours grant for childcare to eligible working parents of 3 and 4 year olds. This is known as Extended Entitlement and is only available for families that meet the eligibility criteria. Parents have to certify their eligibility on a rolling three monthly basis. For the time being, Newland House Nursery is not able to participate in the extended entitlement as there is no clear guidance as to how the government offer will be dealt with as yet from LBRUT. If you are offered a nursery place you should assume that this postion will apply throughout your child's year in nursery.

The Borough’s guidance indicates that you may still utilise the extended entitlement hours by using an alternative participating provider in addition to Newland House Nursery School for your child. Further information is detailed on the Borough's website.