Year 8

As in Year 7, there are three classes in Year 8: one scholarship class preparing boys for scholarship examinations to Senior Schools, which take place in May, and two parallel Common Entrance classes preparing pupils for entry to senior day and boarding schools, which take place at the beginning of June.


At Newland House, we ensure that boys are challenged in their last two years by encouraging them to become mature and independent learners who are expected to play a leading role in the day- to -day life of the school.  We appoint Prefects, Music and Form Captains who take an active role in the School Council.

Academic work becomes more demanding as pupils progress to their final preparation for entrance exams and scholarship. The scholarship class begins a Greek course.  School examinations take place in November and trial examinations in March. The boys sit Common Entrance Examinations in 8 subjects: English (two papers); Mathematics (two papers); Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics); French; Latin; History; Geography and Religious Studies. This takes place at Newland House at the beginning of June.

Boys are challenged, not only by the rigours of Common Entrance preparation, but through an exciting and diverse range of extra-curricular opportunities we offer. They enjoy lively debate and their ability to memorise and think logically improves. The boys become more articulate and have strong opinions and are more knowledgeable about current affairs. We offer an array of opportunities and experiences from historic sporting moments to key opportunities, all of which are crucial to each boy’s development during the key ages between eleven and thirteen.

Year 8 pupils participate in a Leavers’ Programme post examinations which affords them the opportunity to participate in a wide range of leadership and team building activities. They work with teachers for their last year of tuition in a more relaxed manner and participate in a wide range of opportunities.  Activities include a visit to Sky Studios, a Magistrate’s Court, First Aid course, rowing sessions, cookery workshop, Drug and Alcohol Awareness Programme and a Young Enterprise initiative.

Our commitment is to prepare children for the challenges they will face in their senior schools. By the time they are ready to move to their senior school they are well on their way to becoming successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens

By the age of thirteen boys are taller, articulate and more assured. They are ready to move on emotionally, psychologically and cognitively. They have the tools and skills  to face the challenges of the senior school with confidence.