Year 6 Girls Become Excellent Entrepreneurs

Congratulations to the Year 6 girls who took part in this year’s Business and Enterprise Programme ‘Putting Young Minds to Work’ on an absolutely stunning effort at the Summer Fair and a really professional set of Perfect Pitch presentations to a panel of judges. In total, the Year 6 teams made an amazing profit of £647.32 which is being donated to Keen London, the Head Boy and Head Girl's chosen charity.

The programme which is run by STRIDE, is completely interactive and aimed at providing pupils with an introduction to Business and Enterprise skills through a series of structured lessons, games and practical activities. Over the last two terms, the girls learned about topics such as Enterprise, Money Matters, the Marketing Mix, Promotion and Sales.  they developed and researched their own business ideas and presented them to a panel of judges and finally tested them at the Summer Fair in June.


The girls were divided into 4 teams and were given a £40 loan from The Bank of Stride with which to launch their mini-business. Each team were given awards as follows:

Crazy Cats! - Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit

They had some very creative product ideas. The pom-poms were extremely popular and the home bakes were delicious too.

Sweet Nature - Award for Best Brand Identity

Using the long duration of the course to grow plants from seeds was an excellent plan and really paid off. The sweet kebabs and unicorn competition were both a big hit too. The judges thought their brand was both original and memorable.

Candy Kids - Perfect Pitch Winners

Well done on receiving the highest score from the judges at Perfect Pitch. They presented knowledgeably and confidently - a great combination. The judges were very impressed with their delicious products too.

Fresh & Clean - Most Profitable Business

Their income was an incredible £275.95 and your expenses were £40.00 so they made a massive profit of £235.95. The girls worked very hard as a team to create their own beautifully handcrafted soaps.

Stride thank the girls for being great entrepreneurs and making their contribution to the UK economy!


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