Year 4 Maths Challenge

On Tuesday 8th November, four boys from Year 4 attended the Summer Fields School Mathematics challenge. The boys were split into two pairs for the Hexagon and Nonagon competitions. Christian and Alex formed the ‘Hexagon’ team and Fraser and Rohan were the ‘Nonagons’. 

Both competitions had several rounds, each of which lasted eight minutes. The rounds contained a ‘Shopping Spree’, puzzles with tangrams, pentominoes and dominoes, ordering cards by following given clues, mazes, simple timetables and logic problems. 

The teams did extremely well and the Hexagon team were unlucky not to find the necessary shapes in the tangram round. Nevertheless, they were placed in a very creditable 5th place out of the twenty-four schools, which took part. The Nonagons can be congratulated on coming 2nd in the Nonagon competition – well done!

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and spent the time practising some of the rounds again in the minibus on the way back to school.