Year 4

Year 4 is a happy, stimulating environment where each pupil is valued and nurtured. We believe in the importance of promoting a caring attitude towards others in an atmosphere of mutual respect and equal opportunities for all. Our aim is to develop children’s strengths and abilities, allowing each child to reach their potential, and we promote an ethos, where they are inspired and excited by the learning process


In children between the ages of 8 to 9 years, their independence is increasing and they like to assume responsibility and get involved in extra-curricular activities. They are constantly learning about their abilities and skills. Their confidence improves in both learning and socialising. Every day experiences shape their developing values and beliefs, their ability to problem solve, their perception and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. They are beginning to develop the ability to retain information learned, apply it when needed, and enjoy the oral component of lessons where they participate in discussions and debate.

In Year 4, children are taught in familiar class groups, which are more reassuring and allows them to move naturally through the school where subject specialism is gradually introduced. They have some teaching in their form rooms but move around for many lessons, which increases both independence and mobility. Form teachers oversee the pastoral care of their pupils and teach at least one core subject.

Year 4 enjoy a varied curriculum where learning is valued and curiosity and perseverance are encouraged to develop enquiring minds and a greater independence in their learning. The key skills of discovering, applying and communicating are developed through the subject range.The curriculum provides opportunities for children to practise problem solving and for collaborative learning, where they can listen to pupils’ points of view, facilitate learning and provide ideas for further discoveries. The children are more independent and take greater responsibility for their own learning.

The subjects taught are: English, Mathematics, Science, (which is taught in the Junior Science Lab), History, French, Geography, Religious Studies and Personal, Social, Heath and Citizenship Education. Specialist teachers teach Music, Art, Design Technology, Computing, PE and Games. In addition, there is a weekly lesson in Thinking Skills, where the children are able to consolidate some of the meta cognitive processes that are needed to become creative and adventurous thinkers.

Children are challenged in Year 4 and embrace a full range of facilities and opportunities at Newland House. Activities include inter-school Mathematical challenges, a History trip to Warwick Castle and visitors related to areas of study which encourage the skills or research and project work. The extra-curricular opportunities available include chess, musical groups, concerts and a Music tour and Swimming, Drawing and Reading Clubs.

Children’s progress is monitored and tracked throughout the academic year. They have school examinations in November in the core subjects only and in all subjects in May. They also have Cognitive Ability Tests in November, which are fully standardised and help us to identify pupils’ strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences. They provide accurate, reliable and objective assessment data. As the tests are not about knowledge recall, they require no preparation thus offering pupils the same opportunity to show their underlying ability.