Voyage Français

In mid-June, Year 7 set sail on a week-long trip to Merlimont in northern France, near seaside town of Le Touquet. The children experienced plenty of opportunities to improve their French listening and speaking as they visited the military cemetery at Etaples, the Mareis fishing museum and local French markets where they also broadened their food tasting experience with a number of French delicacies including, cheeses, saucissons and snails!

The boys enjoyed a circus school which gave them a chance to participate in a wide variety of activities under the cover of the big top and an extremely competitive GPS orienteering adventure, with at least three of the six teams claiming victory was theirs. The highlight of the trip was an afternoon of adrenaline activities in the trees at Opalaventure which they thoroughly enjoyed. This was followed closely by a  sensational afternoon sand-sailing on the expansive and virtually deserted beach in Camiers Sainte Cecile. After some instruction, all the boys quickly got the hang of it and had a tremendous time.