The Sports

Sport and Physical Education play a pivotal role in the lives of Newland House pupils through a varied and balanced programme. High expectations encourage each child to gain in skill, competence and confidence in a range of physical activity. Life skills are developed to include co-operation, competition, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, learning to cope with winning and losing and a desire to keep fit and healthy for future well-being.

We are proud of the high standards pupils manage to achieve, both in terms of their results but equally importantly in terms of their sportsmanship that has long been a hallmark of their play. Whilst the ‘A’ teams in each age group have often ended the season with a string of wonderful results, we also take enormous pleasure in the number of teams that we put out. A central theme in our philosophy on sport is that as many children as possible should be given the opportunity to play for the school. We have a very competitive inter-school fixture list and we enter a wide range of local and national tournaments.

In addition to the major sports there is a wide range of activities taught either as part of the curriculum in PE lessons or as extra curricular clubs. There are also opportunities for both boys and girls to compete in cross-country events. In the summer term everyone participates in athletics and pupils are invited to attend the IAPS competition.

For the boys the main sports taught in the games lessons are rugby, soccer and cricket. For these sporting activities we are fortunate to have the use of the excellent National Physical Laboratories facilities at Bushy Park in Teddington. We play sport during the school week and many matches on Saturday mornings, which has the added advantage of giving parents the chance to watch their children playing. We have also been privileged to take boys on a number of highly successful sporting tours to Barbados, South Africa, Ireland, Grenada and Kenya.

(For the location of National Physical Laboratories facilities at Bushy Park, Teddington please follow this link).

Netball is the main traditional girls’ winter sport although since 2012 we have successfully fielded a hockey team as well. Our comprehensive fixture list enables all girls from the under nine teams upwards to play competitive fixtures at a level matched to their ability. Rounders is the main summer sport. Gymnastics and dance, which includes Salsa and Country, are run throughout the curriculum and as clubs. Award schemes which include BGA Gymnastics and ESAA Athletics provide additional incentives, set standards and enable pupils to monitor their own performances.