Teambuilding on the Thames

Year 7 had enormous fun in glorious sunshine during their teambuilding day at Thames Young Mariners last week.

The day began with a 'Bell Boating' where they learned paddling and steering skills before racing against each other. This was followed by team challenges which included various problem solving tasks where the boys needed to use brain power as well as physical skills. Their abilities were especially tested as they worked out how to rearrange the year group in height and age order whilst standing on a beam, without touching the ground and without talking - which proved very tricky indeed! The 'Spiders' Web' also required considerable thought as all 16 boys squeezed through the web.

The day culminated in raft building and raft races in an afternoon combing teamwork and with watersports fun. The boys used a range of objects, which resulted in some very original but still seaworthy designs. A great day was had by all providing a real bonding opportunity for the new Year 7 cohort.