Staff List 2019-2020
Mr Chris Skelton, BSc (Birmingham), PGCE (Goldsmiths College) Head
Mrs Paula McIntyre BA Hons (Salford), PGCE (Lancaster) Deputy Head (Academic)
Mr John Maguire BEd Hons (Surrey) Deputy Head (Prep), Joint Designated Safeguarding Lead, Sport, Geography
Mrs Sophia Excell, BSc Hons (Bristol), PGCE (Gloucester) Deputy Head (Pre-Prep) Early Years Co-ordinator, Joint Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Elizabeth Bell BA (Lancaster), FCA   Bursar
Mrs Jane Tosetti, Chartered ACIB Admissions & Marketing Manager, EA to the Head
Mrs Alka  Soni, Chartered FCIPD HR and Compliance Manager

Preparatory Teaching Staff

Mr Ian Bardgett, BA Hons (Surrey), QTS
Director of Sport
Mr Charles Brenan BA Hons (Durham), PGCE (Cantab)
Head of Timetable and Assessment, Mathematics
Dr Eleanore Brooke BA, MPhil, PhD (Cambridge)
Mrs Georgia Bruce BA Hons (Surrey), QTS     
Year 4, Science
Miss Lily Bull, BA Hons (Derby), PGCE (Manchester Met.)
Mrs Jo Cotter BEd Hons (Westminster College, Oxford)
Year 3
Mr Patrick Dorrian BA Hons (Queen's Belfast), PGCE (Cantab)
Mrs Mandy Fawcett BA Hons, PGCE (Sussex)
Geography*, Mathematics, Senior Schools Transfer Co-ordinator
Mr Peter Gilbart-Smith BEd Hons (Cantab)  
Mathematics*, Sport
Mrs A Keville BA Hons, PGCE (Brunel), Cert SpLD
Head of Learning Support (Prep)
Mr Adam Metcalf, BA Hons, PGCE (Manchester Met)
Design and Technology*
Mr Sam Neal, BA Hons (Roehampton), PGCE (Kingston)
Year 3, PSHEE* Activities and Community Partnership Co-ordinator
Mrs Natalie Parks BA Hons (Lancs) QTS
Science*, Deputy DSL
Miss Sarah Pomroy BA Hons (Surrey) PGCE (Kingston)
Deputy Director of Sport
Mr Peter Ratcliffe Cert Ed (Exmouth)
Religious Studies* 
Mrs A Skilton BA (Prim)Ed (Wits)   
Year 4, Mathematics, Science
Mrs Caroline Slocock HDEd, (Natal SA)
English, Mathematics, Covers and duties co-ordinator
Miss Olivia Davenport BSc Hons (Bristol), QTS (Buckingham)
Year 3
Mrs Nancy Vickers BA (Keele), PGCE (Brunel)
Year 6, French
Miss Katie Walton, BA Hons (Leeds College of Music), PGCE (Huddersfield)
Director of Music*
Mr Ian Watson BA Hons, PGCE (Queen’s Belfast) 
Mrs Lisa White BA Hons (Central London), PGCE (Surrey)

Mrs Nicola Williams, BA Hons (Bristol), PGCE (Institute of Education)

Mrs Tracy Woods (ASA & AENA Coaching Levels 1 & 2)
Games, Swimming
Miss Helen Youngman BEd Hons (Bedford)
ICT*, Year 4
* Head of Department
Other Teaching Support Staff
Miss Fay Hitchcock
Learning Support Assistant
Miss Catherine Cabrera-Valente
French Assistant
Mr Robert Hopkins BA Hons (Surrey)
DT Technician
Mr Stefan Gerald
Learning Suport Assistant, After School Club Manager
Mr Jack Le Feuvre
Gap Student
Mrs Jennifer Lee Yuk Cheung
Learning Support Assistant
Miss Sofia Cookman
Gap Student
Mrs Caroline O’Donnabhain BA Hons (North London)
Miss Ruth Robinson
Visual Impairment Support Assistant
Mrs Anne Sharpe
Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Ms Jo Whiting
Visual Impairment Support Assistant
Mrs Ellen O'Carroll
Miss Becky Flynn
Mrs Chloe Chandra-Rajan
Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Learning Support Assistant
Learning Support Assistant
Pre-Preparatory Teaching Staff
Mrs Sue Edwards BA Hons (Leeds), PGCE (Roehampton), Cert Ed (Kingston)
Assistant Deputy Head of Pre-Prep, Year 1
Mr Olamide Ajayi BSc (St Mary’s), GTP
Mrs Laura Clouting BA Hons (Kingston), PGCE (Kingston)
Miss Eleanor Drake, MA (Roehampton), BSc (Royal Holloway) & PGCE (Roehampton)
Miss Maisie Dunsmore BSc (Surrey) PGCE (Roehampton)
Year 2
Mrs Lara Jacobs BSc Hons (Surrey), PGCE (Metropolitan)
Mrs Annabel Gudenli BA Hons (Nottingham), PGCE (Roehampton)
Year 1
Year 1
Miss Hannah Foster, BA Hons QTS (ST Mary's)
Year 2
Mrs Gina Warren BA Hons QTS (St Mary’s)
Miss Isobel Lester BEd (Winchester)
Year 1 (maternity leave from Sept 2019)
Year 1 (maternity cover from Sept 2019)
Mr Simon Arnott BA Hons (Bristol), PGCE (Bath)
Deputy Director of Music
Mrs Debbie Stephens Cert SpLD (HADC)
Miss Hannah Wilson BA Hons (Oxford Brookes)
Year 2
Mrs N Yeo BA Hons (Oxford) PGCE, MA (Surrey)
Mrs Henrietta Cantouris BA QTS (Roehampton)
Nursery Manager, Deputy DSL
Miss Andy Taylor
Nursery Assistant
Mrs Jeannette Parker
Nursery Assistant
Miss Victoria Walton
Nursery Assistant
Teaching Assistants
Mr Dom Atsu 
Ms Sasha Dabrera (& After School club)
Mrs Sinead Buckmaster
Mrs Gosia Cox
Mrs Beth Hemphill
Mrs Nat Hill
Mrs Patricia Hill
Miss Sally Good
Mrs Irene Lafferty
Miss Nicky Pitman
Mrs Emma Rafferty
Mrs Charlotte Ruddick
Mrs Dawn Singh (& After School Club)
Peripatetic Learning Support Staff
Mrs R Bentley, OCR Level 5 Diploma Specific Learning Difficulties, MA in Art History/Medieval History (St Andrews)
Mrs A Parsons, PGCE (St Marys), BA Hons (London Guildhall)
Mrs S Brunsdon OCR Level 5 Diploma Specific Learning Difficulties
Mrs E Poskitt: B.A.(Hons) Politics and History, OCR Diploma Level 5 Specific Learning Difficulties
Peripatetic Music Staff
Mr P Bamber BMus Hons - Clarinet & Saxophone
Mr G Batchelor MMus BMus GSMD - Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn & Tuba
Mr T Harvey, Music Hub
Mrs S Humphrys, BMus Hons, RCM, PG (Schola Cantorum Basliensis, Switzerland) – Recorder
Mrs L Luck, BMus (Hons) PgDipRAM, Kings College - singing 
Mrs E McGovern, BMus (Hons) (Royal Colleg of Music) - Oboe
Mr J Merrick BA - Guitar & Bass Guitar
Mr S Merrifield Prof. Dip. Songwriting - Contemporary Vocals & Composition, Music Hub
Mr P Page - Drum Kit
Miss Angharad Thomas - Bassoon
Miss A-M Raffa BA Hons, LRSM, CTABRSM - Piano & Music Theory 
Miss Hannah Robson - London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA)
Mr C Stokes BMus Hons - Piano
Mr S Trentham BA Hons - Cello & Double Bass
Miss W Webber Dip TCL, LTCL, LGSM, ALCM, Cert PG (Amsterdam Conservatoire) - Violin & Viola
Miss S Wilkes ARCM - Singing
Administration Staff

Mr David Hyams

Finance Manager

Mr Keith Satchell

IT Manager

Mrs Hannah Taylor (Mon, Wed & Fri)

Mrs Anna Crowhurst (Tues & Thurs)

Reception Manager & Lead First Aid

Mrs Jo Markham

Pre-Prep Receptionist & Lead First Aid, Deputy DSL

Mrs Anna Fondie

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Nikki Thompson

Finance Assistant

Facilities Staff

Mr John McClarance
Mr Denis Parratt
Mr Anthony Daly
Maintenance/Minibus Driver
Mr John Collett
Minibus Driver