Silver Netball Stars

U11 A Newland House Tournament 2017

Our year six girls had a convincing result at our own annual Newland House Netball Tournament.The team had experienced a tough week with a horrible sickness affecting many of our players and they knew they faced a challenging tournament against tough opposition. However, nothing deterred the girls from putting in maximum effort and they demonstrated great commitment. 

After a tricky start against an underestimated Notting Hill and Ealing, the girls knew they had their work cut out. However, they dug deep, displaying grit and determination against LEH, Holy Cross and Bishopsgate, where they gained convincing wins.

The team supported each other and began to apply all the tactics they have worked on in their practice sessions. The shooters gained more confidence as the day went on and there were glimmers of Netball excellence against Glendower in a 7-1 win. However, Bute House were a strong opposition and were on top form, winning all their previous matches. The girls stayed focused and calm in this essential game and just missed out with a 3-2 loss. This was still by far their best performance to date and they clearly demonstrated their ability to perform under pressure.

With two losses, the team knew their final game against Ravenscourt Park was a must-win but they remained unfazed and won 4-2 making it to the final, where they met their biggest challenge of the day. The girls were tired and were clearly not feeling 100% and they struggled through the match where they faced the Bute team once more. Bute were simply too strong at this stage in the day and we lost 6-0.  However, the girls played as a team, took on feedback and should be immensely proud of their performance across the day. Silver medals for now… but all to play for moving on to IAPs next half term.