Saxon Experience Day

Year 3 were immersed back in the 5th Century during their Saxon Experience Day yesterday as their day began with a surprise Saxon visitor dressed for the occasion!

The morning activities involved the children becoming Saxons themselves, 'sailing' across to Angle-Land. In teams they played The Ship Game and had to negotiate strong winds and storms made by the Saxon gods as they sailed across the sea. A Weapons Display and Shield Wall activity taught the children how to defend themselves as Saxon warriors in battle. 

Our Saxon visitor talked about life in Saxon times including the types of foods that were 

available and how different their diet was from the foods we eat today. In small groups and as historians, the children handled various artefacts, discussing what purpose each object might have.

After lunch, the story of Beowulf captivated the children's attention as they themselves filled various roles. Using the interesting Saxon props brought the tale to life!

The day was drawn to a close with interesting questions from the children and all agreed it was a very entertaining, interactive and insightful day.