STEM Robotics Competition

Year 6 STEM pupils took part in a robotics competition run by the robotics company VEX at Cranleigh School on Tuesday 12th February.  This competition was a culmination of all the hard work that the 11 STEM pupils have put into their after-school sessions.

Newland House entered two teams for the competition, and both performed admirably with the second team achieving a joint 2nd place finish which meant they narrowly missed out on the UK Finals.  Newland House did receive an overall prize for ‘Best Energy’ which meant they worked the best as a team and showed the most encouragement to each race on the day.

The VEX robotics competition tests a range of STEM and design skills to manufacture a robot that can perform a series of tasks on 9 foot by 4 foot playing field.  The main tasks including working together with another team to score as many points as possible by moving plastic hubs around the field into scoring areas, being able to stack those hubs and at the end of the allocated minute having the robot park or hang underneath a raised bar in the middle of the playing surface.

The key skills that pupils took from the project include:

  • Designing and manufacturing skills
  • Robotics construction
  • Problem solving
  • Team work
  • Effective time management
  • Creativity
  • Driving and programming skills
  • Development of designs and refining ideas

Newland House Year 6 STEM pupils should be proud of the hard work they put into preparing for the event and how well they did overall. 

We will be looking forward to returning next year.