Prep School Curriculum


All children in Year 2 at the school automatically transition into the Prep School from Year 3 onwards. In Year 3, we also offer a further 20 places following our 7+ Assessment. This entry point will however be phased out after 2018 following the move to three form entry across all year groups.

In Year 3, the children are placed in one of three mixed ability classes and will be predominantly based in their classroom with their class teacher. They are taught certain subjects for example, DT, Music, Art, Computing and Games by a specialist teacher and as they move up through the school, an increasingly number of their lessons will be taught by subject specialists.

Children remain within these class groups until the end of Year 6, when the girls sit their examinations and move on to senior school. In the final two years of the school, the remaining boys are placed into three classes, two of which will work towards taking the Common Entrance Examination in June of their final year. The remaining class is comprised of boys who will sit for a scholarship to the senior school of their choice. 

The school’s curriculum is tailored to reflect the developmental needs of the children. Please access our curriculum overview by year group below:

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Year 7

Year 8