Prep School

Children move across from the Pre-Prep into the Preparatory School in Year Three. Two thirds of the pupils in the year come directly from our Pre-Prep and the remaining children have secured places as following sitting our 7+ assessment earlier in the year. From 2016 we offer places to children across three classes in Reception and as a consequence are phasing out the 7+ entry point after the last assessment in 2018.

In Year Three, careful consideration is given to placing children in one of three mixed ability classes. At this stage, the children are based very much in their classroom with their class teacher but they are taught certain subjects like DT, music, art, ICT and games by a specialist teacher. As they move up through the school, they are taught more by subject specialists.

Children will remain in these class groups until the end of Year Six, when the girls sit their examinations and move on to senior school. In the final two years of the school, the remaining boys are placed in one of three classes. Two of these they will work towards taking the Common Entrance Examination in June of their final year. The third class is comprised of boys who will sit for a scholarship to the senior school of their choice. We are proud of our excellent scholarship record. However, we gain enormous pleasure helping children of all academic abilities gain places at schools of their choice. We prepare them well, not just academically but socially too, so that when they leave us they are pleasant, well-balanced children who look forward with confidence to the next challenges that lie ahead in their lives.