Pre-Prep Development on Track

Following completion of the obligatory bat surveys in June which concluded that there were no nesting bats on site, we were able to proceed with the demolition of the old residential building at No. 28 Waldegrave Park. The site was subsequently cleared and foundations and supporting structures prepared in readiness for delivery of the cross laminated timber (CLT) frame. In August we took delivery of the CLT frame which had been pre-fabricated in Norway. The panels were lifted carefully by crane and secured into position. This type of construction benefits from being both quick and quiet resulting in minimum disruption to our neighbours. As part of the agreed traffic calming measures with the Borough, the first of two pinch points has now been installed along Waldegrave Park and additional school signage at the either end of the road has been placed. This will help reduce traffic speed along the road and ultimately create a safer school journey for the children.


Behind the scenes, we have made good progress with the project schedule and have been planning internal fixtures such as lighting and IT. The plans have now been fine-tuned and key decisions on fixtures and fittings have been finalised. We have made provision for an extension in the size of the library so that we can create a contemporary and practical environment that can be utilised by the whole school. Our new library will form a hub where both Prep and Pre-Prep children will cross over and become central to both parts of the school.