Pastoral Support

The high quality of Pastoral Support is central to the school’s ethos. Together with teaching and learning, it remains at our core and underpins all that we do. The well-being of everyone is the prime concern of each member of our community.

For children to succeed in all the many and varied ways necessary for them to grow and flourish, they must feel safe and secure. We work tirelessly to provide an environment where that is the case. Every child knows that if he or she has a problem we will do all we can to solve it. Kindness, good manners and tolerance for others are highly valued and encouraged. We are proud of the strong bond that exists between staff and pupils and recognise the crucial value of an open and supportive partnership between home and school.

Extract from ISI Report October 2013

The pastoral guidance provided by the School supports its aim to help pupils become caring, responsible individuals who will contribute positively to the community and to society. Staff provide exemplary pastoral support for pupils, who in turn feel extremely well nurtured and valued. In the EYFS, children form strong bonds with the staff, promoting high standards of behaviour and harmonious relationships. Consequently, staff know children extremely well and work closely with their families to help children to settle quickly into school routines. Relationships between pupils and staff, and amongst the pupils themselves, are excellent throughout and form the foundation of both the ethos in the school and its quality of care. Pupils are naturally kind to one another and are comfortable in each other’s company.

Our community is based upon respect, good manners and fair play. We are committed to providing a safe and caring environment that is free from disruption, violence and any form of harassment so that every one of our pupils can develop his or her full potential.  We expect our pupils to treat members of staff with courtesy and co-operation so that they can learn in a relaxed; but orderly, atmosphere.  All pupils should care for and support each other.  The school prides itself on its respect and mutual tolerance.  Staff as well as parents, have an important role in supporting the school in maintaining high standards of behaviour.