Nursery News

Hot on the heels of the opening of our new Pre-Prep building we opened our new nursery last term. Our very first intake of nursery pupils settled incredibly quickly and within our safe and nurturing environment have grown in confidence, are developing an understanding of community and have made new friends.

Our morning sessions have a gentle literacy and numeracy focus where we create play orientated activities to help the children develop their understanding of letter sounds and counting skills. In the afternoons, they really enjoy learning about the world around them through topic based play sessions. Every play experience allows them to grow and develop their knowledge and understanding across a range of different skills. They loved learning about hibernating and migrating and our children tucked their teddies in for a long winter’s sleep and read them bed time stories in our Bear Cave. They have also been busy exploring and investigating our extensive outdoor play area where they have time, space and plenty of energy for free play.