Meet the Head

I was recently asked by a prospective parent what a typical Newlandian pupil looked like. My immediate response was to affirm that every pupil is an individual and cannot be pigeonholed or typecast simply because they attend a particular school. Our pupils' successes are the result of all we do at the school to allow an individual’s confidence to develop and their own unique qualities to shine.

By offering a diverse curriculum and enhanced extra-curricular opportunities, children find success not just academically, but in music, sports, Design Technology and the Arts. I believe our job is to create a thirst for learning which cannot happen from the classroom environment alone. The school provides a springboard to academic, social and personal success and development – a fertile environment in which children can flourish.

However, a natural by-product of this process is that, inevitably, the school’s own ethos rubs off. By the time they leave us, our atypical Newland House pupils will have acquired a set of standards and morals that are distinctively ours. It is this foundation that provides them with the maturity to develop their own personal aspirations and the confidence to believe that they can achieve them in the years ahead.

David Alexander,