Magical Trip

Year 7 boys enjoyed a trip see Harry Potter: A History of Magic Exhibition to see the awe-inspiring artefacts that have been released from the archives of the British Library. It was a fantastic mix of Harry Potter treasures, such as original illustrations, doodles and manuscripts by J.K Rowling and original art-works by her illustrator Jim Kay, together with extraordinary magical treasures from all over the world.

Highlights were seeing the Battersea Cauldron, a 3000 year old cauldron found perfectly preserved in the River Thames, the 16th Century alchemical Ripley Scroll, plus hundreds of beautifully illustrated books and artefacts. After a brief visit to the British Library Treasures Gallery, the boys had an official tour and workshop of the Exhibition where they had the opportunity to create their own magical animals, mix apothecary potions and discover some of the historical inspirations for the Harry Potter series