Lord Wandsworth Logic Cup

Lord Wandsworth College hosts and annual 'Logic Cup' event for Prep Schools, who are invited to bring their four best mathematicians to compete in engaging mathematical events.

On 12th October 2015, we took two teams to the Lords Wandsworth Logic Cup.  The weather was much kinder this year, which made the outdoor mathematical trail a much more pleasant experience.  Having completed the initial quiz, Alice, Aidan, Laura and Thomas’s team were among the highest scorers.  Both teams also performed well in the trail but many of the other schools also achieved high totals, which lowered our position on the leader board.  Lunch was very pleasant and the children particularly enjoyed the magnums!  The final relay round proved challenging for all participating teams and we were eventually placed 8th, and 13th

Well done to Berry, Holly, Joseph, Isaac, Alice, Aidan, Laura and Thomas who all tried really hard and had an enjoyable time.  Many thanks to Lord Wandsworth College for organising the event.

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