Live Science with BBC

Pupils from Year 6 and Year 7 participated in a BBC Live Lesson last Friday in which Dr Who helped them discover how light travels, why light is important to life on Earth and to understand more about the Earth's place within the Solar System.

They worked alongside the Doctor to solve an interplanetary, scientific investigation and enjoyed the scientific demonstrations. They were allocated planetary roles exploring the eight planets in our Solar System and physically demonstrating  their orbits so that the lesson could be as interactive as possible. Pupils were encouraged to participate in simple physical activities during the lesson for example, by following a dance routine they had to replace the missing energy in the battery on the space ship, so that the rogue planet that had entered the solar system could be bumped out of orbit. They also learned how solar arrays could be used to redirect light to the earth around the rogue planet.

BBC live are great way to complement pupils learning. It also offer an ‘Ask our Expert ‘ opportunity and post lesson top tips from the BBC panel of specialists.

The children really enjoyed the novel way of learning and gave some very positive feedback.