French Trip 2018

Our Year 7 boys experienced a wonderful taste of French life and had plenty of opportunities to practise their French language skills during their trip to France last week.

Their itinerary began with visits to the and fishing museum in Etaples and a snail farm where the children learnt all about snails, had a chance to hold them (yuk) and were lucky enough to sample some garlic butter snails, snail pate and snail jam!!

The trip also included a multitude of activities including a trip to the circus where the boys learned skills such as the trapeze, balancing acrobatics, tight rope walking and juggling. They took to accrobranching which is much like an obstacle course in the trees with walkways, rope bridges, swings, nets and zip lines and speedily navigated the course! They also tried their hand at archery and laser rifle shooting.

Back in Etaples they visited the war memorial and searched the records to search the records for those fallen with the same surname and in Le Touquet they visited the local market where the boys practised their French and enjoyed the local produce.

There were also opportunities for a bit of French recreational sport as the boys played football, cricket and pétanque and of course the highlight was the French costume evening complete with garlic, onions and plenty of inked on moustaches!