Dinky Charge 2016

On 23rd April the school held The Dinky Charge, in which over 130 children took part to support the charity Rhino Ark. The event encouraged pupils to raise funds in a participative and entertaining way whilst drawing their attention to the work of the Kenyan based conservation charity. Rhino Ark erect electrified fences around vital mountain ranges in Kenya to protect the crops of local communities from wildlife damage whilst providing much needed protection to some of Africa’s most special wildlife species.

The challenge was modelled on the annual four-wheel-drive Rhino Charge in Kenya but in our Dinky Charge, the children instead raced modified dinky cars in team pairs on string ties around a number of laid out courses whilst trying to avoid time penalties and within strict rules. The children donned great outfits and were in very high spirits even though it was not the warmest of days. With thanks to the PA, there was an amazing spread of cakes and tea which also helped to keep up moral. Prizes were awarded for the winners as well as those who had the least topples, least damaged and best looking cars. In total £3500 was raised which will fund a half kilometre of fencing which is an amazing result.