Digital Learning

We have recently launched an exciting new iPad project with our Year 5 pupils to enhance their learning experience across all lessons.

Year 5 pupils were each given a new personal iPad to use in school as a digital learning resource. They are an ideal year group to trial the project being mature enough to cope with the responsibilities, pitfalls and excitement of having their own device and transporting them safely around the school.

iPads provide pupils with the power to research, create content and enhance their learning through a variety of applications and websites. The children have been taught how to use their devices as learning tools and have shown greater independence exploring topics at will. The devices have also fostered collaborative learning among pupils. Initially we focused on using basic applications to allow pupils and teachers to become acquainted with their new iPad in the classroom setting. Teachers will also be receiving extensive training from Apple Educators during the course of this year.

If the trial is a success, Year 5 will keep their devices as they move through the school and our current Year 4 will be issued with new iPads when they join Year 5 next September.