Capturing History

Year 2 school council members contributed to a very special history project and buried a time capsule the grounds of the new Teddington Riverside development on the site of the old Teddington Studios near Teddington Lock.

Teddington Studious were formally owned by Haymarket and hold a poignant place in many of our hearts and many of our parents have enjoyed watching the programmes which they produced and especially remember the household names that formally decorated the plaques along the old studio walls. Year 2 captured the essence of some of the history of Teddington and discussed olden times and the River Thames.

The children loved being creative and their imaginations were piqued by images of the old studios which were demolished in 2016. Before long they had created plenty of material and filled the capsule with their works as well as items which may not be in circulation in 50 years times including plastic, newspapers, hairspray and plenty of school items such as our blazer and a purse belt. They were extremely excited to hand over the time capsule to the Teddington Riverside where they were treated very much like VIPs.