A Step Back in Time

                                                                                 Saxon Experience

Last week, Year 3 experienced an Anglo-Saxon Day when they were visited by costumed Saxon visitors who brought a host of Saxon artefacts with them to recreate life in great Britain in the 5th century. The visitors led a variety of workshops and activities and the day provided Year 3 with a great feel for Saxon culture as they dressed as Saxon warriors and wielded shields and axes. They also enjoyed a weaving demonstration and had an opportunity to create their own Saxon tapestries.









Hampton Court Palace                                                                          

Year 5 visited Hampton Court Palace to get a real flavour of Tudor times as they toured the kitchens, with their massive fireplaces and the halls of the famous home of Henry the eighth. The children learned about the King’s life and a costumed guide retold the story of what days would have been like both for nobles and servants at the Palace.


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